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Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

Pilates Ball Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm



  • Calm the Body, Calm the Mind (25 min)...

    Unwind, let go, and destress. Sasha takes us through a gentle and mindful yoga practice to help let go of stress and anxiety after a long day. This class is also great for those with menstrual cramps or an upset stomach.

    Optional props: yoga blocks or pillows

  • Detoxifying Flow (40 min) - with Kyra...

    This is a 40-minute Vinyasa Flow class that focuses on twisting and side-body opening. Expect mindful moments, dynamic movement, and lots of flowing with the breath.

  • Powerful Flow (45 min) - with Alia Mai

    This yoga class is accompanied by light music.

    Join Alia for a powerful 45-minute practice filled with breath, movement and alignment. Dynamically heat the body starting by activating the core and stabilizing muscles. Strengthen glutes and arms for a full body, mindful workout.