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  • Pilates: Abs & Glutes (25 min) - with Heather Obre

    Join Heather for an express Pilates practice. This is a mat-based practice that targets the lower body (specifically the glutes) and the core. You can expect to work up a sweat and feel a nice burn in just under 25 minutes.

    Optional props: Heather is using two weighted balls to add intensity to ...

  • Flow for Emotional Release (45 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    This is a 45-minute Flow Yoga practice to help support emotional release. You can expect a lot of hip openers and heart openers. Kyra is using some props to help provide a sense of support in some of the postures.

    Props: 2 yoga blocks and a bolster (or rolled blankets, pillows, cushions).

  • Hatha for Low Back Pain (30 min) - with Aaliya Noorani

    Join Aaliya for a 30-minute Hatha Yoga practice. This class focuses on alleviating lower back pain. Back pain is something many of us experience. Whether it's sitting for long periods of time, over-exerting your back during exercise, or any number of other combinations, certain yoga poses can hel...

  • Cardio Power (55 min) - with Alison Klektau

    Prepare to sweat!

    This Cardio Power class comes in at just under an hour. It's a challenging, fast-moving Power Yoga class. There will be constant movement, which means very few long holds. You can expect a lot of Vinyasas, so modify as you need to and take breaks when you need.

  • Hatha Yoga: Root to Rise (55 min) - with Alison Klektau

    Join Alison for a 55-minute Hatha Yoga practice. This class focuses on stability. As we create a strong foundation, we feel more stable and secure in our standing postures. Working on stability also can create more space for us to open into.

    Alison recommends having one or two yoga blocks if yo...

  • Meditation for the Sunday Scaries (12 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    This meditation is to help you manage and move past those feelings of the "Sunday scaries". For a lot of us, Sunday is the end of our weekend and just before we start the workweek.

    Lisa suggests a few ways to help cope with these feelings:
    1. Take a moment to sit with yourself and notice what y...

  • Blissful Afternoon Flow (30 min) - with Connor Roff

    Join Connor for a break in the day to get your body moving mindfully. This afternoon Vinyasa Flow is a feel-good practice that focuses on moving the spine in a variety of ways. This is great for practitioners who sit at a desk for long periods of time to counter the effects of sitting. You can ex...

  • Feel Good Breath Centric Flow (45 min) - with Crystal Rainbow Borelli

    This is 45 minutes of Flow Yoga with Crystal. This feel-good flow is all about finding what feels good in your body. Rather than pushing to your limit, find a center that feels good and filled with peace. Crystal also invites you to notice how your body feels, and also how you feel energetically ...

  • Meditation to Let Go (15 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    This is a 15-minute meditation to let go. Let go of your day, let go of your fears and anxieties, and let go of anything clouding your mind. This is an opportunity to mentally put the day to rest to help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day with a clean slate.

  • Gratitude Flow (45 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Join Hillary for a gratitude-filled practice. This class includes mindful, Vinyasa-Flow movements that will synchronize your breath, as well as a lot of positive subject matter. Hillary believes in the "Law of Attraction" and on focusing on what you have, not what you lack.

    No props are require...

  • Intermediate Express Flow (30 min) - with Connor Roff

    Join Connor for a quick, challenging Vinyasa Flow curated for well-practiced yogis. This class will include more advanced postures and quick, fiery movement. You can expect to flow dynamically with your breath, and find a strong connection to your body.

    Props: 1 yoga block (optional)

  • Unwind Before Your Workweek (30 min) - with Jasmina Egeler

    This is a grounding, nourishing class to bring you into your body and out of your head. It includes very light music. Sunday is the end of our weekend, and often the freedom we experience gives way to some anxiety before starting our workweek. Remember, you're not there yet! You are here in this ...

  • Lower Body Pilates Fusion (30 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    This is a 30-minute Yoga & Pilates fusion class that is focused on the lower body. You can add in a round band if you know where to incorporate it to make this class extra challenging. This is an all-levels class that is great for yoga lovers who want a class focused more on repetition and core.

  • Flow Yoga for Inner Happiness (60 min) - with Sasha Smith

    Join Sasha for a thoughtful and special class. In this class, Sasha delves into thoughts about obtaining happiness within yourself. It's so often that we seek happiness from external factors, but really, we find a sense of contentment from within.
    The physical practice is a fun and fluid Vinyasa ...

  • Hatha for Tension Release (40 min) - Hillary Keegan

    This is a tension-releasing class with Hillary. This yoga practice will help release tension both in your physical body, and anything mentally you are holding onto. The physical part of this class is a feel-good Hatha Yoga class, so take it easy and listen to what feels good for you.

  • Full Body Restore (40 min) - with Vanessa Bourget

    This is a mellow stretch and relax class with Vanessa. You can bring some props like pillows, cushions, and blankets to the mat with you to help support your limbs as you sink into softness and stillness.

  • Express Flow (30 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    30 minutes is all that you need to experience a great Vinyasa Flow class. Sometimes we don't have time in the day to fit in a 60-minute class, so Lisa offers a well-rounded and balanced Vinyasa Flow to help you connect with yourself.

  • Front Body Opening Slow Flow (60 min) - with Jayme Burke

    This is a front-body opening slow flow. Jayme will be focusing on opening the hip flexors, quads, and the chest. This slower-moving Vinyasa Flow class will leave you feeling more open and energized.

    Optional props: 2 blocks

  • Morning Yoga for a Great Day (30 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Cultivate a beautiful day for yourself with this class!

    This is an intention-setting yoga class that connects your mind to your body and helps you start your day in a positive way. This class begins with some manifestation before it gets into the movement part of the class. You can expect mindfu...

  • Power Core Flow (75 min) - with Vanessa Bourget

    Join Vanessa for a strong, 75-minute Power-Flow class. This is a more intermediate playful ab + core conditioning flow that builds toward optional arm balances. Challenge yourself, break a sweat, and move with your breath in this dynamic yoga class.

    Optional props: a yoga block

  • Morning Flow (20 min) - with Samaneh Asgharzadeh

    Join Samaneh for an all-levels quick and energizing Flow Yoga class. This class includes dynamic movement with your breath and a deep connection to your body.

    Optional props are some yoga blocks or sturdy books to help with balance and proper alignment.

  • Tutorial: When to Add-on Arm Balances in Class (35 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Ever wondered when you can add arm balances in class? Kyra will take you through sequences in the class that you can play with arm balances, even when it's not cued by the teacher.

  • Hatha Yoga for Every Body (30 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Welcome to an all levels Hatha class that that's only 30 minutes. This is a great class for students who are new to yoga and are looking to build their foundations. You can expect longer holds, mindful movement, and intentional cueing in this class.

  • Sun Salutation Flow (50 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna for a 50-minute Vinyasa Flow. This class is meant to awaken the body or energize you any time of the day. Sun Salutations bring lots of vitality to the body and help you tune into the flow and out of your head.

    No props are required for this class