Find all classes released in September 2022 in this collection.

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  • Reflect & Flow Vinyasa (35 min) - with Sarah Fuson

    Tune in and flow with Sarah. You can expect to flow with breath and move dynamically through poses that link together seamlessly. We offer you the chance to find an intention to reflect upon in today's practice and to come back to that intention at the end to see how it feels.

  • Meditation for Rainy Day Blues (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Grab a blanket, put on a sweater, pull on some socks, and get cozy. This meditation is all about checking in and finding that inner warmth. You will breathe into spaces that feel tense and exhale a release. Surrender and soften into stillness.

  • Power & Play (60 min) - with Alison Klektau

    Join Alison for a fun & playful Power Yoga class. The heart of this class is getting out of your head and into your body. It's all about having fun with your practice and not taking it too seriously! You can modify and change this class to be exactly what feels good for you so you can enjoy this ...

  • Lost In the Feel Good Flow (45 min) - with Sasha Smith

    Get lost in the flow with Sasha. This feel-good flow practice is all about finding what feels good in your body. Wherever you are at, Sasha is here to warm you up and share her energy with you. This is a 45-minute practice to open you up, warm the body, and enjoy the movement of yoga.

    Optional p...

  • Seasonal Transitions Flow (60 min) - with Connor Roff

    Welcome to 60 minutes of fiery Vinyasa Flow with Connor. This seasonal transition flow will allow you to root deeply into the ground, bring attention to the breath, and connect mindfully with your body's movement.

    The fall transition is a good time to cleanse and purify your inner & outer world...

  • Full Body Burn Pilates (35 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    In this contemporary-style Pilates class, connect with your deep core and with yourself. You can expect a great core, glute, arm, and back workout in this class with lots of pulsing and repetition.

    Level up this class by adding a resistance band!

  • Fall Equinox Flow (40 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Welcome to the Fall Equinox! Fall is a season of letting go of what no longer serves you. Allow Hillary’s sound bowls to wash over you as you set an intention and fall into the flow of this class, leaving behind past thoughts of worries.

  • Fiery Fundamentals Flow (30 min) - with Sarah Fuson

    Go through some fundamental yoga poses in this class that brings the heat! This is a Vinyasa Flow class which means you will be moving dynamically with your breath. Sarah suggests having yoga blocks, a towel and a strap available if you need them.

  • Arm Balance Workshop & Flow (35 min) - with Sasha Smith

    Join Sasha for a class dedicated to Dragonfly pose. You will open & warm up the body on this journey, and then Sasha will break down the pose to help you understand how best to prepare for dragonfly, as well as tips to achieving this impressive arm balance.

  • Positive Morning Affirmations (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Set the tone of your day with Kyra. Our thoughts are powerful. Our words are powerful. Bringing positive affirmations and voicing them into existence can also create a powerful change in your outlook and energy for the day.

    Take 10 minutes, give these affirmations a try, and feel a sense of sel...

  • Cardio Pilates Intervals (40 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    This is a 40-minute Pilates and cardio interval class with Hana! This is a class where you will need some space to move around as well as a resistance band. Hana also suggests having a block or cushion to squeeze between the thighs. Let's crank up the music, and get sweaty!

    Playlist: https://ope...

  • Beginner Friendly Hatha Yoga (25 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Join Hillary for a quick & beginner-friendly yoga class. If coming to your mat is new, Hillary keeps this really sweet and simple. Remember to always listen to your body and tune inward.

    Quiet the mind and begin to move mindfully.

  • Union of Body & Breath Flow (45 min) - with Crystal Rainbow Borrelli

    What is yoga? Yoga can mean so many different things to different people. At the centre of it all, is the connection to self through breath and meditation. Sometimes we add movement (the physical asanas) to bring us into our bodies and out of our minds, sometimes we let gravity melt us over props...

  • Nightly Wind Down (20 min) - with Connor Roff

    A nightly class you can do to wind down at the end of the day. Add this to your routine to fall asleep with ease and mindfully let go of the stressors of the day.

    This class utilizes lots of props including blocks, a bolster, and a blanket. Use anything you need to feel really comfortable and re...

  • Self-Compassion Flow (40 min) - with Aaliya Noorani

    Take what you need from this practice. This class is just for you. No comparison, no expectations, just listen to your body and find what feels good.

    Flow with Aaliya for 40 minutes of Vinyasa Flow yoga and gentle, guided meditation.

  • Strength & Uprising (35 min) - with Sarah Fuson

    Join Sarah for a 35-minute Vinyasa Flow class. This strength and uprising class will focus on finding stability and rooting into the floor to find strength in your body. Have any props you need for this class and move with your breath.


  • Back in the Flow (45 min) - with Aaliya Noorani

    Get back in the flow of things with Aaliya. This class is focused on getting back to the mat and building a connect to yourself and your routine. Whether its been a week, a month, or a year, spend some time to re-connect to your body and move with your breath.

  • Sculpt & Tone Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a 30-minute workout to sculpt and tone. Hana is using light weights for this class. This is a full-body workout that includes high repetitions and pulsing.


  • Beginner's Pilates (30 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    A Pilates class designed for beginners, this class goes into detail about proper alignment and the modality of Pilates. You can expect guided instruction and slower movements than in some other Pilates classes.

  • Evening Release Meditation (10 min) - with Stephen Ewashkiw

    Tune in & let go with Stephen. Enjoy a 10 minute guided meditation to relax after a long day.

  • Shiva & Shakti Flow (50 min) - with Crystal Rainbow Borrelli

    In this class, Crystal speaks to the three forms of Shiva.

    The first is the Nataraja (we take this in the Dancer's pose). This can be seen as the dance of creation or destruction (the ending of a process or cycle for new birth).

    The second is the Shankar which is the doer of good. This can be...

  • Flexibility Flow (30 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Welcome to a gentle, flexibility flow. This is a feel-good Vinyasa Flow class to open the body and work on flexibility. This class also has positive quotes and sound bowls to help you feel great.

    No props required.

  • Pre-Work Power (30 min) - with Connor Roff

    For the early risers who love to get their body moving before work, this class is for you. 30 minutes of fast-paced Vinyasa Flow class to build heat in the body, open up, and build strength.

  • Sweat Express Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a sweaty, quick workout. This is an equipment-free workout, so all you need is yourself and your mat! This class includes cardio, upper and lower body strength. Let's get sweaty!