Kelly Colleen

Kelly Colleen

Kelly Colleen is a YYOGA Power, Flow, Hatha, Prenatal, Yin and Pilates teacher.

Students can expect a well sequenced, detail oriented and aligned experience where you get the opportunity to balance your nervous system.

As YYOGA Director of Programming, Kelly's teaching experience started in 1998 and has since led her to teach public classes and open over ten yoga studios in Vancouver and San Francisco, California including being part of YYOGA since it's inception.

She has co-led two seasons of "Flow Yoga with Kelly and Jason" for Channel M Television and designed, developed, and led her own 200 hour Teacher Training Program from 2001-2007.

Students can expect expert level sequencing and well-designed classes for an immersive experience.


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Kelly Colleen
  • Mat Pilates: Intermediate Abs Practice (30 min) — with Kelly Colleen

    Prepare to sweat in this fiery, intermediate Pilates Fusion class focussing on your power house — your abdominals.

    Mat Pilates uses controlled movements to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance.

    You’ll use a yoga block in this class. If you don’t have one, grab a stiff pillow or a ...

  • Mat Pilates: Intermediate with Resistance Bands (30 min) — with Kelly Colleen

    Enjoy a short Pilates Fusion routine where you’ll use a Thera-Band as your prop. A Thera-Band is a wonderful prop that you can pick up online or any nearby drugstore. If you don’t have one, you can use a rope or robe tie but it’s helpful to have something with a bit of give.

    This style uses cont...

  • Mat Pilates: Beginner Friendly (35 min) — with Kelly Colleen

    In this beginner Pilates sequence, you’ll use controlled movements to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance and focus on finding balance in your core.

    You’ll need a Thera-Band which you can pick up online or at any nearby drugstore. You’ll also use a shower tower and a yoga block for ...