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  • Workshop: Yoga for Beginners — The Essentials

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    A 90 min live streamed virtual workshop with Rachel Scott, YYOGA teacher trainer.

    By purchasing the replay of this live event, you'll own this workshop with lifetime access.

    Streamed live on Monday, November 30
    Purchase and own the replay for $19.99.

    Perfect for those new to yoga and ...

  • Workshop: The Five Koshas — with Crystal

    2 videos  |   Buy $15.95

    The five sheaths, or Koshas interpenetrate each other and encase the soul like the layers of an onion. As you continue to practice the physical asana (poses) of yoga, you begin to realize there is more to the practice than pressing into a handstand or binding the leg behind your head. There is a ...

  • Self Love Digital Retreat

    6 videos  |   Buy $15.77

    Purchase this exclusive digital collection and embark on a 3-day journey to self-love. This is an on-demand, self-guided experience, meaning you can fit it into your day whenever it works for you.

    This digital retreat invites you to look inward, cultivate compassion and embrace yourself fully. Y...

  • Progressive Breathwork Series

    5 videos  |   Buy $6.79

    This breathwork progressive is a great introduction to the power of breathwork for supporting our nervous system and regulating our stress levels. We will explore the difference between meditation and breathing intentionally as fundamental tools for our overall well-being. Eliza guides us through...