Progressive Breathwork Series

Progressive Breathwork Series

This breathwork progressive is a great introduction to the power of breathwork for supporting our nervous system and regulating our stress levels. We will explore the difference between meditation and breathing intentionally as fundamental tools for our overall well-being. Eliza guides us through various techniques and breathing patterns, and explains when and how we can continue to use these techniques throughout our daily lives.

What are the benefits of breathwork from Eliza's perspective?

The breath is our most vital and abundant resource. As human beings, we breathe upwards of 20,000 times a day. That is 20,000 daily opportunities to either intentionally support our well-being, or unknowingly deteriorate it. By first becoming aware of how we are breathing (the quality of the breath), we then have the choice to practice ways in which to support ourselves. Breathwork has many, many proven benefits, from delivering enough oxygen to our cells, to regulating our nervous system, to helping us release unwanted or stuck energy in the body, to improving creativity. The breath is the bridge between mind, body, and soul.

Follow the Progressive Series the following way:
DAY 1: Breath Awareness
DAY 2: Yawning & Sighing
DAY 3: Diaphragmatic Breathing
DAY 4: Calming Focus
DAY 5: Upregulation

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Progressive Breathwork Series
  • Progressive Breathwork: Breath Awareness (15 min) - with Eliza Butler

    This is Day 1 out of a 5-day progressive breathwork series.

    Breath Awareness: Embodying the difference between meditation and breathwork is important. This class will guide you into becoming the observer of the breath so you can become aware of the quality of the breath. This work lays the foun...

  • Progressive Breathwork: Yawning & Sighing (14 min) - with Eliza Butler

    This is Day 2 of a 5-day progressive breathwork series.

    Yawning & Sighing: In this class, we bring intention and awareness into breathing patterns that we often do subconsciously throughout the day. We often try to suppress our yawns and sighs, but often they can be very beneficial to our ov...

  • Progressive Breathwork: Calming Focus (16 min) - with Eliza Butler

    This is Day 4 of a 5-day progressive breathwork series.

    Breathwork for calming focus and balancing the nervous system: Eliza guides us through breathing techniques that help bring a sense of focused calm to our mind and body. These exercises are intended to be used at any time throughout the da...

  • Progressive Breathwork: Diaphragmatic Breathing (14 min) - with Eliza Butler

    Diaphragmatic Breathing & Exhale Emphasis for Parasympathetic Activation: When we are stressed, we often breathe into the upper chest. Eliza guides you to breathe back down into the belly to engage and strengthen the diaphragm, our most important breathing muscle. She also explains the import...

  • Progressive Breathwork: Upregulation (22 min) - with Eliza Butler

    This is Day 5 of a 5-day progressive breathwork series. It's the final video of the series and should be done at the end of your breathwork journey.

    Breathwork for Upregulation: In this final breathing practice, Eliza guides us through an exercise that will help build more resilience in the body...