Best of YYOGA at Home

Best of YYOGA at Home

Get a taste of YYOGA at Home with this digital collection that contains our top 5 virtual yoga classes.

Own this collection for $15 (or pay whatever you can afford) and enjoy some sweet time on your mat.

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Best of YYOGA at Home
  • Flow Yoga (40 min) — with Jayme Burke

    Dive into a dynamic sequence of postures that synchronizes your breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility.

    This class is perfect for beginners or those looking to increase their flexibility and strength. As a YYOGA teacher trainer, Jayme offers incredible alignm...

  • Cardio Barre Intermediate (40 min) — with Mandi Von Alkier

    Intermediate cardio barre with YYOGA yoga and barre teacher, Mandi Von Alkier. Inspired by ballet and dance traditions, you'll use small, controlled movements to create long and lean muscles in this full body workout.

    Turn on your fave playlist to feel motivated and inspired!

    While this i...

  • Flow Yoga: Sweet Hip Opening Flow (15 min) — with Mari Dickey

    As a subscriber, you get ad-free access to all of our YouTube tutorials and videos as well as original, exclusive content! Here's a quick, 15-minute Flow class focused on loosening up your hips, with Mari Dickey!

  • Power Yoga: Hip Flexor Love (30 min) — with Mari Dickey

    Prepare to sweat! Build strength and balance through a dynamic and challenging sequence of postures. YYOGA Power is usually practiced in a room that is heated at 32 degrees, however this is not mandatory or necessary to get the most out of this class.

    Mari, YYOGA teacher and teacher trainer, i...

  • Hatha for Tight Hips (30 min) — with Rachel Scott

    This slower practice emphasizes a balance of postural alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen your body.

    As a YYOGA teacher trainer, Rachel offers incredible knowledge of the body and alignment.

    This class is perfect for beginners or anyone with tight outer hips or IT ...