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Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

Power Into Possibilities (60 min) - with Ashley Levii

40 - 60 minutes • 1h 5m

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  • Flow Yoga For Kindness To Self And Ot...

    About this class:
    Heather begins the class with a beautiful introduction of the Yama's and Niyama's. In this Ahimsa based practice, Heather focuses on the importance of turning inward and tuning into this non-harming energy during our everyday lives.

    What is Ahimsa?
    Ahimsa is the practice of “no...

  • Inspired by Air Flow (50 min) - with ...

    Connect with the element of Air in this breezy Flow class. Aaliyah focuses on breathwork (pranayama), opportunities for inversions and touching on the Hindu god of the wind - Vayu.

  • Hatha: Kindness To All Living Beings ...

    Join Aaliya for a calm, grounded, accessible Hatha practice and lokah mantra to reflect inward and tune into what gifts, skills, and talents we possesses and how we use them to support the greater good.