60+ minutes

60+ minutes

With classes 60+ minutes in length, this collection is for those that have a little extra time and want to spend at least 60 minutes on the mat.

If 60+ minutes still isn't enough, consider stacking your work outs and classes to customize a practice to your needs, mood and body!

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60+ minutes
  • Fearless Power (60 min) - with Nora Lim

    Release yourself from fear in this 60 minute Power practice.

    Nora explains how the psoas muscles, also referred to as your fight or flight response muscles, tend to be the first to contract in stressful situations. By paying special attention to this area in the body we are able to release any h...

  • Sunshine Flow (60 min) - with Rebecca Hollingworth

    This class is the perfect fresh start to your day. Join Rebecca for this 60 minute full body Flow practice.

    This class uses a yoga mat and yoga blocks. If you don't have blocks at home, you can use a stiff pillow, a stack of books or anything similar you have around your home that is stable and ...

  • Free From Fear Yin (60 min) - with Nora Lim

    Paying special attention to the psoas muscle, this deep hip flexor muscle can become exceedingly agitated when under stress. Feel a release in your body and mind after this restorative Yin practice with Nora.

    This class uses a yoga mat and yoga blocks. If you don't have blocks at home, you can u...

  • Yin For Letting Go (60 min) - with Ashley Levii

    Ashley encourages you to reflect on what isn't serving you and encourages you to welcome in the new during this 60 minute Yin practice.

    Yin is a slow-paced practice with long deep holds to enhance mobility and flexibility by targeting your deep connective tissue. Expect a meditative practice al...

  • Power Into Possibilities (60 min) - with Ashley Levii

    In this 60 minute Power class, you'll feel physically, mentally and spiritually inspired with this possibility themed practice.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2TXIgZH1iX96nFRGhg1LQC?si=NOKEvgmOQTqq-B8FRnVBrg&utm_source=copy-link

  • Practice Non-Judgement Yin And Meditation (60 min) - with Lucy St. John

    Join Lucy for a 60 minute candlelit Yin and Meditation practice that focuses on non-judgment, acceptance, and flowing through the blockages that arise in our day-to-day lives.

  • Flow Yoga For Kindness To Self And Others (60 min) with Heather Obre

    About this class:
    Heather begins the class with a beautiful introduction of the Yama's and Niyama's. In this Ahimsa based practice, Heather focuses on the importance of turning inward and tuning into this non-harming energy during our everyday lives.

    What is Ahimsa?
    Ahimsa is the practice of “no...

  • Hatha For Hamstrings (50 min) - with Krystina Kodesh

    Enjoy this 50 minute Hatha class with Krystina that focuses on stretching out your hamstrings.

    This class uses a yoga mat and yoga blocks. If you don't have blocks at home, you can use a stiff pillow, a stack of books or anything similar you have around your home that is stable and supports you ...

  • Full Body Power (60 min) - with Krystina Kodesh

    This Power Yoga class is a well-rounded, full body 60 minute practice focused on your hips and balancing poses. This class will help you build strength and endurance through a challenging sequence of grounding postures with longer holds.

    This class uses a yoga mat and yoga blocks. If you don't h...

  • Pilates And Flow For Abundance (60 mins) - with Heather Obre

    What does abundance mean to you? Reflect, reconnect and celebrate the abundance in your life with this hour long Pilates class.

    This class requires no props, but you can add on additions like round bands or ankle weights for an extra challenge.

  • Power Yoga and Ahimsa Meditation (60 min) - with Stephen Ewashkiw

    A 50 min Power class with a 10 min Ahimsa meditation.

  • Full Body Bliss Power Yoga (60 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    A progressive power flow that builds in deeper layers of strength and heat.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6ePzgtRV2VKr1siKR8SpYa?si=5AEZZWq1SQ2UDO1Z1h_zcw

  • Flow to Raise Your Vibration (60 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Vibrate higher and generate some good vibes with this feel-good flow with heart-chakra sound bowls.

  • Flow Yoga to the Beat (60 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    A fluid vinyasa flow class done to the beat of the music. Playlist included below.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1Rt7VYO0nk98wiijk1MJWw?si=OS4zgyrqRoa4mmbA4PqC4Q

  • Beach Hatha (70 min) - with Stephen Ewashkiw

    A summer solstice Hatha class inspired by the outdoors and focused on the oblique muscles.

  • Ocean Flow (60 min) - with Jayme Burke

    Focus on the simplicity of your breath with this breath-based flowy flow inspired by the Ocean. Flow yoga is a dynamic sequence of postures that synchronizes breath with mindful movement. Builds strength, balance, flexibility, and inner calm.

  • Fiery Pranayama Flow (60 min) - with Crystal Rainbow Borrelli

    Prana - the life force within the body - is the circulation of energy in our system.

    This practice is filled with lots of movement, vitality, fire and breath. Prepare to get flowing - and even a little sweaty.

  • Power of Dharma (60 min) - with Crystal Rainbow Borrelli

    A spicy power class inspired by the Vedas, Dharma being one of them - which is about how we connect to our path and purpose.

    Expect bow shapes, twists and lots of breath.

  • Flow into Possibilities (65 min) - with Rebecca Hollingworth

    As we transition from Summer to Fall, and Fall to Winter, we often feel a sense of change within us, too. These changes in time can make us wonder what is next, or where we are going in our next phase of life. In this class, Rebecca invites us to spend some time through the physical body to open ...

  • Waves in Motion: Slow Flow (65 min) - with Jayme Burke

    Join Jayme for a fluid, slower Flow Yoga class. This is a class all about the element of water. You can expect to move very steadily, fluidly, and almost continually. A lot of the movements will be inspired by the spine (or from the centre). Please have two blocks closeby if you use them in your ...

  • Oceanic Flow (65 min) - with Sarah Fuson

    Join Sarah for a smooth, fluid flow. You can expect to move dynamically, flow with your breath, and move mindfully between poses. Leave today's feel reset, restore, and re-balanced.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/23XKU3EMpR7YLjmncnJexL?si=nTwEY6tbQhCpoBbS86bbfg

  • Resist Twist Power (65 min) - with Stephen Ewashkiw

    Know yourself and be transformed — that’s the promise of yoga. This class is an opportunity for you to spend some time on yourself, for yourself, and with yourself. In this class, you’ll turn in, twist, and learn more about how you move. You’ll practice separating turning your hips from twisting ...

  • Firefly Power Flow (75 min) - with Jayme Burke

    Join Jayme for a 75-minute Power Yoga class. This class is all about opening up, educating the body, and preparing to finally arrive at our peak pose, Firefly (tittibhasana). Firefly pose is a more advanced arm balance, but Jayme will offer multiple variations if the Firefly pose isn't right in y...

  • Raga Flow: Release Attachment (60 min) - with Crystal Borrelli

    Join Crystal for a Vinyasa Flow class. This class focuses on one of the kleshas. The 5 Kleshas are afflictions, causes of suffering, or spiritual ignorances that hold us back from growth.

    The Klesha that Crystal is focusing on is Raga (attachment). This is attachment to physical things, ideas, ...