Feeling Low

Feeling Low

A playlist to help settle and lift you up when you're feeling down.

This collection will have calm classes that feature grounding postures, positive messages, and calming energy. This collection of videos is curated to help you feel more peaceful, calm, and to lift you up when you're feeling low. We hope you enjoy.

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Feeling Low
  • Flow Through Feelings (45 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Welcome to a slower-paced Vinyasa Flow class with Lisa. The intention for this practice is the ability to notice the thoughts and emotions you're feeling, and allow them to flow through you. Sometimes we get stuck in a loop over-analyzing something, and allowing ourselves to simply let go of it f...

  • Self Love Meditation Series: Today is the Day (15 Min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Part 3 of this self love meditation series includes 'Walking Out Into The World" affirmations. Use this meditation to cultivate more patience, strength and determination. Today is the day to walk out into the world.

    Self Love Meditation Series Class Links:

    Part 1:

  • Supportive Evening Hatha (40 min) - with Katrina Chan

    A supportive Hatha class filled with lots of reclining postures and melting moments.

    Optional props: bolster (or pillow) and soft block will help in this class.

  • Inner Seasons & Moon Phases: Spring / Waxing Moon (30 min) - with Regina Zhen

    The perfect class if you're looking for more openness in your body and crave an uplifting Hatha and Flow with some deep stretches and openings. This is truly an invitation to bring the energy back into your body.

    You will need two blocks for this practice.

  • Nightly Wind Down (20 min) - with Connor Roff

    A nightly class you can do to wind down at the end of the day. Add this to your routine to fall asleep with ease and mindfully let go of the stressors of the day.

    This class utilizes lots of props including blocks, a bolster, and a blanket. Use anything you need to feel really comfortable and re...

  • Hatha Yoga for Positivity (35 min) - with Heather Obre

    Bring positivity into your day with Heather. This class focuses on positive and kind thoughts to ourselves and to others. So often, we get caught in a negative loop of emotions and self-talk. Heather helps us strengthen that "positive thought" muscle to help us choose optimism rather than falling...

  • Tender-Hearted Slow Flow (35 min) - with Heather Obre

    A class intended for days when you are feeling tender. Maybe you had a difficult day, or an argument with a loved one. Maybe you are under the weather or had a bad sleep. Whatever you are going through, this class is a mindful Flow to get your body moving and to anchor you in the present moment.

  • Cultivation & Meditation: Self Esteem (10 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Give yourself some nourishment and love.

    Join Hillary on a journey of meditation, affirmations, and cultivation. This class is all about being comfortable in your own body, both physically and mentally. This class is great to do before bed so you can visualize what you want tomorrow to look lik...

  • Peaceful Gentle Hatha (30 min) - with Aaliya Noorani

    Welcome to a Hatha practice with Aaliya. This gentle and peaceful class is perfect to do when you are looking for mindful movement that is easy on the body. It includes connection to the breath, opportunities to modify, and gentle poses to open the body.

    "Om, shanti, shanti, shanti" or "om, peac...

  • Happy Hatha Yoga (30 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    30 minutes of a Happy Hatha yoga practice is the perfect way to start the day! Lisa encourages everyone to feel what they are feeling - not to stuff down any uncomfortable emotions just to pretend to enjoy the "fun" emotions. In this practice, however, she helps to show ways to "shift" your minds...

  • Relax & Restore (20 min) - with Alia Mai

    Welcome to Alia Mai's relax & restore class. This short class aims to help you destress, release tension, and unwind. It is a gentle practice that can be done at any time of the day when you are needing some very gentle movement and calming breaths.
    Props: 2 blocks (or books/pillows) and a cozy ...

  • Flow for Acceptance & Commitment (50 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Welcome to a practice of Flow Yoga that is based on a therapeutic approach called "Acceptance & Commitment Therapy". Through this practice, notice where you are at (physically, mentally, emotionally), and simply accept it. Accept the thoughts, emotions, and feelings that come up, then commit to s...

  • Yin to Release (50 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Put down the weight of your day and let it all just fade away. Come back to you. Come back to the deeper part of yourself that is beneath the judgemental mind. Find calm and quiet.
    Join Lisa for a 50 minute Yin class to release. This could be releasing physical tension, stress, or any other form...

  • Wellbeing Flow with Affirmations (50 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    Join Mikaela for an incredibly empowering class. This is a gentle Vinyasa Flow style class paired with repeated affirmations. Voicing a thought or statement out loud brings it to life and makes it real. By synchronizing your breath with movement, and your movement with affirmations, you will feel...

  • Flowing Affirmation Stretch (20 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    Cultivate self-love with Mikaela in this incredibly positive and peaceful class.

    This is a 20-minute sweet, slow-flow yoga class paired with positive affirmations. The movement in this class will be gentle and repetitive.
    This class is also perfect for when you are feeling a little low and need...

  • Happy Hatha Sequence (45 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    We invite you to Lisa for this 45-minute Happy Hatha yoga class. This is a great class to focus on being present, to check in with your body, and to move in a mindful way.
    This is a slower practice that emphasizes a balance of postural alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen...

  • Meditation for Grief (10 min) — with Farzana Jaffer Jeraj

    Are you experiencing grief? As Farzana points out, there are many different types of grief, and dealing with the grieving of each different thing is a practice.

    Meditation is a wonderful way to practice non attachment and being in the present moment. The only way to process emotions is to feel...

  • Powerful Flow & Relaxation (60 min) - with Miguel Lopez De Lara

    Join Miguel for a 60-minute Power-Flow class with a profound meditation on the heart.
    Miguel says that, according to Yogi traditions, the heart possesses certain qualities that are innate in human beings. For some of us who have a lot of stress or complications in our life, we can feel blocked f...

  • Restorative Wind Down Stretch (30 min) - with Heather Obre

    Settle in. Wind Down. Find Peace.
    Join Heather for a gentle, Restorative Flow practice. This is the perfect class to do to guide you into a restful, peaceful evening. This class is intended to be done near the end of the day so that you can have a restful sleep and wake up tomorrow replenished.

  • Hatha for Positivity (35 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Join Hillary for a Hatha practice that comes in just under 40 minutes. This is Hatha for Positivity - and it's a wonderful way to start, enjoy, or end your day. Hillary says, "I'm a very firm believer the words you say and thoughts you think create what goes on in your life."
    This will be a wond...

  • Mellow Flow, Meditation & Breathwork (30 min) - with Alia Mai

    Join Alia for a mellow flow yoga-based movement class accompanied by a guided meditation at the beginning and end. We will begin with Nadi Shodhana, or “alternate nostril breathing,” which is a simple yet powerful technique that settles the mind, body, and emotions. You can use it to quiet your m...

  • Flow Yoga for Emotional Release (17 min) — with Hillary Keegan

    This Flow Yoga class, with Hillary Keegan, will support you in building emotional strength and release.

    We've partnered with TELUS Health MyCare™ on this Mindfulness Collection to bring you more ways to introduce mindfulness into your day.

  • Hatha Yoga: Happy Hatha Sequence (20 min) — with Lisa Sanson

    This slower practice emphasizes a balance of postural alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen your body.

    This quick, 15 minute practice lead by Lisa Sanson, YYOGA teacher trainer, is perfect for beginners and those looking to gain more freedom and ease in their shoulders.


  • Power Yoga for Positive Energy (20 min) — with Hillary Keegan

    A quick Power practice aimed at increasing your energy and giving you some good, positive vibes. Enjoy!

    We've partnered with TELUS Health MyCare™ on this Mindfulness Collection to bring you more ways to introduce mindfulness into your day.