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Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

Power Yoga Intermediate (75 min) — "the Rocket 2" with Risto Duggan

Flexibility • 1h 6m

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  • What is Hanuman pose? Cathy explains.

    Hanuman is front-splits. The pose creates a leaping shape in your body. The pose was named after the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman.

    You have to be committed to working both legs and staying connected to your core which will keep you centred and strong.

    It's a great pose for everybody to try!

  • What is Power for Flexible & Stable S...

    Power Yoga for Flexible & Stable Shoulders is all about finding strong shoulder integration.

    Mobility will come in play in order to find more space and expansion in your shoulders. To create stability, you’ll focus on using strong muscles in your back and core — look forward to lots of plank...

  • Power Yoga for Flexible & Stable Shou...

    Jayme, a YYOGA Teacher Trainer, leads you through a 45 minute Power Yoga class where you’ll work on the stability and mobility of your shoulders. This sequence favours plank pose for its adaptability and effectiveness.

    Jayme offers modifications, inviting you to connect with yourself as you lis...