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Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

10 Min Tone: Shoulders (12 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

10 Minute Tone • 12m

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  • 10 Min Tone: Glider Workout (10 min) ...

    Join Hana for a quick burn! This "glide & slide" 10-minute workout is awesome for firing up the burn in your glutes and abs. If you don't have gliders, there are a number of at-home options for you.

    Props: Gliders OR tupperware lids (for carpet) or dish towels (for hard surfaces)

  • 10 Min Tone: Deep Core Yoga (12 min) ...

    In this short class, Mikaela will take us through a deep core Vinyasa Flow. You may recognize a flow like this as a sequence you'd experience in a longer Vinyasa class. This class will fire up your whole core to help you with stabilization and balance in standing yoga postures.
    No props required

  • 10 Minute Tone: Triceps (10 min) - wi...

    Join Hana for a 10-minute workout targeting your Triceps! We will go through five different exercises two times, and by the end, you will be really feeling the burn in your arms. No equipment is required for this class.