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Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

Core & Glutes Power (30 min) - with Alia Mai

20 - 30 minutes • 30m

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  • Low Impact Pilates (30 min) - with Ky...

    This is a quick Pilates-based class is a lower body, low impact class. This means there won't be any standing or weight-bearing movements on the legs. Because some of the class is in a tabletop position, you may want to have some pillows or blankets to put under your knees.

  • Dowel Yoga (30 min) - with Sasha Smith

    Have you ever used a dowel with your yoga practice? Here’s how you can integrate it into your practice as a pressurizing tool to open and rehydrate tight muscles and connective tissue.

    Tip: Don't have a dowel? You can make one yourself with wooden doweling. Cut it to about three feet long, route...

  • Pilates Flow Fusion (30 min) - with K...

    The best of both worlds. This class incorporates power and pulsing, as well as stillness and presence. Combining yoga postures with pilates movements to give you a good burn as well as a good stretch!


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