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Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

Watch this video and more on YYOGA at Home

Flow Yoga: Heart Opening Practice (60 min) — with Jayme Burke

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  • Flow Yoga: Slow, Full Body Practice (...

    Feel even better than before with an hour of smooth, soul-approved flow. You’ll synchronize your breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility.

    Breathe and reach with intention as you lengthen and fold, open and let go. With Kate, you’ll release tension in the front, ...

  • Tutorial: How to do Bridge Pose — wit...

    Learn about Lisa's favorite pose, Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana), and how to practice it in this 5 minute tutorial.

    Bridge pose strengthens the back line of the body (glutes, hamstrings, etc), the back of the spine and shoulders, opens up the chest and opens up the front of the hips.

  • Tutorial: How to do Dancer's Pose (5 ...

    Learn how get into Dancer's Pose, Natarajasana, with YYOGA teacher trainer Mari Dickey.

    This well-known balancing pose is a sweet front body opener, back body straightener, and the peak pose in our YHot sequence.

    It also has a lot of progressions, so whether you've just started practicing o...