A collection of classes that include sequences built with the back in mind.

Experience an emphasis on or be offered education for the back and how you can support it during your practice while strengthening.

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  • Gentle Flow to Support the Back (30 min) - with Jasmina Egeler

    Join Jasmina as she guides you through a gentle but dynamic series of postures to improve spinal flexibility and strength in this Flow practice.

    This class uses a yoga mat and yoga blocks. If you don't have blocks at home, you can use a stiff pillow, a stack of books or anything similar you have...

  • Protect Your Peace Flow (50 min) - with Rebecca Hollingworth

    Explore expansion and extension into the back line of the body while also protecting the heart and front body space.

  • Salt of the Earth Flow Yoga (45 min) - with Vanessa Bourget

    A flowy, fluid flow designed to be grounding that will inspire a connection to your body, especially through movements of the spine.

  • Beginner Yoga: Intro to Twists and Backbends (40 min) - with Stephen Ewashkiw

    This class covers basic alignment for twists and backbends. This class is part of a series you'll find on YYOGA at Home, including:

    Intro to Standing Poses (45 min):
    Intro to Twists & Backbends (40 min...

  • Flow Yoga: the Buffet (60 min) - with Bernadette Pacana

    A full body class with a little bit of everything. Expect lots of shoulders, hamstrings & hips with a focus on finding stability.

    Scale up the poses if you like to challenge yourself.

  • Flow Yoga: the Buffet (60 min) - with Bernadette Pacana

    Expect a yoga buffet - shoulder work, hamstrings, hips and finding stability to create ease and space.

    This is a very grounding and stable class.

  • Power of Dharma (60 min) - with Crystal Rainbow Borrelli

    A spicy power class inspired by the Vedas, Dharma being one of them - which is about how we connect to our path and purpose.

    Expect bow shapes, twists and lots of breath.

  • Backbend & Strong Core Flow (52 min) - with Mari Dickey

    A full body flow practice. Expect a flowy and grounding practice with lots of focus on back and core strength, with backbends and heart openers as well.

  • Spine Strengthening Pilates (25 min) - with Heather Obre

    Join Heather for a 25-minute Pilates practice! We're going to focus on spine strengthening as well as a fun plank series. Planks strengthen our whole body but especially the arms and core.

    Heather is also using some small weights to level up today's class. This is totally optional.

  • 10 Minute Tone: Back (10 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a 10-minute tone class focused on your upper and lower back. This is a quick workout, so there are no pauses or rest breaks. Remember to take a break whenever you need it.
    No props are required for this class.

  • Back Strengthening Pilates (30 min) - with Heather Obre

    Join Heather for a Pilates class focused on the back body. This is a fun and targeted class that strengthens and rehabilitates your whole body. This class will focus a lot on spine strengthening, but will definitely have lots of core strengthening too.

    No props are required for this class - just...

  • Pilates with Weights (35 min) - with Juan Villegas

    Join Juan for a fun and challenging pilates with weights class! This class will target the core and the back. Juan has a number of props that are optional to use.

    Optional Props: 2 weights (or cans/water bottles), a blanket, a chip foam block (or book), and a bolster (or cushion).

  • Pilates for Lower Back Pain (16 min) - with Alison Lloyd Nijjar

    Join Alison for a Pilates class to ease lower back pain. This class will include some stretching and mobility for the whole spine, as well as some strengthening exercises. This balance of stretching and strengthening can help ease back pain over time.
    No props required.

  • Strong Core & Back Workout (18 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Try this quick workout to strengthen your back & core! In this class, we will be going through lots of variety in 15 different movements. Each movement will be between 45 seconds to a minute, followed by a short rest.
    Props: no props required

  • Back Strength Flow (50 min) - with Vanessa Bourget

    Join Vanessa for a 50 minute Back Strength Flow class! This class will focus on strengthening the back and shoulders, as well as opening up the front body. This is a beautifully balanced Flow practice where we will synchronize our breath with movement and build heat in the body. Remember to liste...

  • Hatha for Low Back Pain (30 min) - with Katrina Chan

    Sitting in a chair all day? Bending over a lot to pick up the kiddo's? Low back pain is common for many folks and can stem from a number of things. Always remember to check with your doctor or health care provider before doing exercise, especially if you're feeling pain.
    In this class, Katrina w...

  • Flow Yoga for Back Bends (50 min) -with Cathy High

    Join Cathy for this 50 minute Flow Yoga class. This is a back-bending focused Flow class. Remember, there are always modifications you can take when working on these back bending movements. Props are always a great option, too! So remember to have some blocks, books or pillows close by if you nee...

  • Hatha Yoga: Backbend Foundations (30 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Join Lisa for this Back Bends Foundations Hatha practice. This class is meant to help you grow your backbend practice guide you through the foundations you will need as you work with back bending. This is a Hatha-based class, so we will be doing slow, steady movements.
    Back bending includes more...

  • Pilates 101: Spinal Articulation (60 min) - with Alison Lloyd-Nijjar

    Join Alison for a 60 minute Pilates class focusing on spinal articulation. This is a slower-moving class and will even feature some tutorials at the beginning. This class is perfect for folks getting into Pilates who want to learn more and work on their form - especially their roll-up/any kind of...

  • Power Yoga: Backbend Love (60 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    Join Mikaela for a 60 min Power class with a focus on backbends! In this class, we will spend some time opening the front body as we prepare to backbend. We won't jump into backbends right away - we need to prep our body first. There are many variations for the backbends that we will be doing, so...

  • 10 Minute Tone: Back & Obliques (10 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a quick, 10-minute tone for your back & obliques!
    The obliques are located on the sides of the abdominals running from the hips to the rib cage. The obliques have three primary actions: Lateral flexion, Rotation and Flexion. Strengthening your obliques, in unison with your back and...

  • Pilates for a Strong Back (30 min) - with Alison Lloyd-Nijjar

    Join Alison for a Pilates class to strengthen your back! This class is just under 30 minutes and is guaranteed to make your back-body feel strong, lean, and lengthened in a mindful way.
    We're all sitting so much these days, so this is also a great class to use to help your posture.

  • Pilates for Beginners: the Spine (30 min) - with Alison Lloyd-Nijjar

    Join Alison for a quick & effective Pilates for Beginners class! This class will go over the movements of the spine. This class is a great starting point when you are learning about the movements, positions, and alignment of Pilates
    As Alison mentions, this class goes hand-in-hand with her Pilate...

  • Upper Body & Back Pilates (30 min) - with Heather Obre

    Join Heather for a 30-minute mat Pilates practice! This class will focus on your arms, your upper body & shoulders, and then we will move on to work on back strengthening.
    Pilates uses controlled movements to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance. Emphasis on alignment, breathing and ...