Brooklyn McLaren

Brooklyn McLaren

Meet Brooklyn! Brooklyn teaches at both YYOGA in-studio and on the YYOGA at Home platform. You can find Flow, Yin, Pre and Post Natal Yoga in her collection. We hope you enjoy her classes and her warm, joyful energy!

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Brooklyn McLaren
  • Hip Opening Pre-natal Yoga (37 min) - with Brooklyn McLaren

    Join Brooklyn for a 37 minute Prenatal Yoga class!
    This is a well-balanced, hip-opening class that will lead to a peak pose of Dancer's Pose. This class will include working on stability, opening the body, and working to "hug in" the midline.
    This Prenatal Yoga class is quick and convenient. Wit...

  • Stretch & Release Pre-natal Yoga (40 min) - with Brooklyn McLaren

    Join Brooklyn for 40 minutes of Pre-Natal Yoga. This class will be focused on stretch and release, and some stabilization. We will also work on opening up the hips as well as external hip rotation. This will be a freeing, feel-good class, so we hope you enjoy the next 40 minutes dedicated just to...

  • Post-Natal: Rediscover Yourself (45 min) - with Brooklyn McLaren

    Calling all Mamas! Join Brooklyn for this Post Natal Yoga class!
    Now that you no longer have your baby bump, you can move in ways you haven't been able to for a while. This includes laying on your belly, your back, and discovering this whole new body that you have now that you've had a baby.

  • Half Moon Hatha (37 min) - with Brooklyn McLaren

    Join Brooklyn for a Half Moon Hatha class in just under 40 minutes! This class will head into a peak pose of Half Moon. This is a slower practice that emphasizes a balance of postural alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen your body.
    Props: Please have two blocks (or books) ...

  • Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation (33 min) - with Brooklyn Mclaren

    Join Brooklyn in this Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation class.

    This is a heart and hip-opening Yin yoga class with props. The props Brooklyn is using today include a bolster, 2 blocks, and chip-foam block. You can use at-home alternatives like cushions, pillows, and rolled-up blankets to use in plac...

  • Fiery Slow Flow (35 min) - with Brooklyn McLaren

    Join Brooklyn for a 35 minute Slow Flow practice. As Brooklyn says, "We're gonna get nice and twisty!". Even though this Flow is "slow", it is still fiery! This practice will include vinyasas and lots of movement with breath, but it is slow and controlled rather than vigorous.
    This is a wonderfu...