Clem Duranseaud

Clem Duranseaud

Meet Clem, YYOGA teacher, well known for tough (but fun) strength-focused YSculpt classes.

Clem is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor based in Vancouver. Clem has played sports from a young age and has completed an Ironman Triathalon! Clem's classes aren't easy, but you're guaranteed to have fun while you work hard and sweat it out. A favorite in the YYOGA studio community, Clem is known for challenging and sweaty physical conditioning classes.

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Clem Duranseaud
  • YSculpt: Shoulders (20 min) – with Clem Duranseaud

    Using a workout to focus on your shoulders not only helps to strengthen the muscles but can also do wonders for your posture! Join Clem in this 20-minute sequence to help strengthen and tone!

    Clem always starts with a warm-up so don't worry if this is your first workout of the day. Using a seque...

  • YSculpt: Chest and Triceps (20 min) - with Clem Duranseaud

    Spice up your upper body workout with this 20-minute class!
    Expect to work your chest and triceps through a variety of different movements.

    Clem takes you through a quick warm-up before getting you into the work.
    You'll be lead through several movements with active rest in between, making thi...

  • YSculpt: Back and Biceps (20 min) – with Clem Duranseaud

    Check this class out if you're looking to target the upper body as an addition to another class or if you're just looking to target the area, this class is for you!

    Clem makes sure that you're nice and warmed up before leading you through the work, so don't worry if this is your first class of ...

  • YSculpt: Core (20 min) — with Clem Duranseaud

    Having a strong core is a foundational part of physical fitness and can even make a dramatic difference in how you perform daily activities.

    This class will help ignite those core muscles and stabilizers! Using only your bodyweight you'll work through a series of movements to help you build a st...

  • YSculpt: Legs (20 min) — with Clem Duranseaud

    This class includes cardio, compound exercises, and active recovery to keep your heart rate elevated and build strength. Use your own body weight as you squat, lunge, and jump your way to functional fitness.

    Featuring high-energy movements, you’ll burn calories even after your workout is complet...

  • Meet Clem (+ hear him describe his classes)

    We asked Clem: What can students expect from your class?

    High intensity, fast paced, and lots of fun!

    About Clem
    A favorite in the YYOGA studio community, Clem is known for challenging and sweaty physical conditioning classes. He brings his knowledge of personal training and group fitness into ...