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Tutorial: How to do Child's Pose Properly (5 min) – with Rachel Scott

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Tutorial: Best Style of Yoga for Beginners (5 min) – with Rachel Scott

How-To's / Skill Building Tutorials • 3m 29s

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  • Tutorial: How to do Child's Pose Prop...

    Rachel's quick tutorial shows you how to do this simple and restful pose so that it fits your body! To see what works for you make sure you have a few props handy, including a blanket, a rolled-up towel, and two yoga blocks.
    If you don't have yoga blocks you can use two thicker books instead.

  • Tutorial: How to do Side Crow Pose (1...

    Rachel breaks down this strengthening pose so that you can try it out and add it to your practice. Side Crow uses your obliques, your arms, and your shoulders, so you'll feel full upper body engagement.

  • Tutorial: Is Yoga a Religion (5 min) ...

    Understanding where yoga comes from and why we practice it is beneficial to anyone's practice. Have a listen to this quick explanation by Rachel to better understand this ancient practice.

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