Beginner Friendly

Beginner Friendly

Beginner friendly classes, meditations and helpful tutorials curated especially for those relatively new to their practice.

This is the perfect place to start your journey into yoga and mindful movement!

Beginner Friendly
  • Fiery Fundamentals Flow (30 min) - with Sarah Fuson

    Go through some fundamental yoga poses in this class that brings the heat! This is a Vinyasa Flow class which means you will be moving dynamically with your breath. Sarah suggests having yoga blocks, a towel and a strap available if you need them.

  • Beginner Friendly Hatha Yoga (25 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Join Hillary for a quick & beginner-friendly yoga class. If coming to your mat is new, Hillary keeps this really sweet and simple. Remember to always listen to your body and tune inward.

    Quiet the mind and begin to move mindfully.

  • Beginner's Pilates (30 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    A Pilates class designed for beginners, this class goes into detail about proper alignment and the modality of Pilates. You can expect guided instruction and slower movements than in some other Pilates classes.

  • Energizing Morning Sequence (25 min) - with Sasha Smith

    Join Sasha for an energizing, morning yoga class. This class will energize us by getting a lot of blood & oxygen to the brain using pranayam (a breathing technique). You can also expect some feel-good, morning stretches to open the body gently after sleep. This is a gentle class perfect for days ...

  • Foundation Flow (30 min) - with Stephen Ewashkiw

    Find your feet and create stability from the ground up in this 30-minute Flow practice. Stephen will help you reconnect to what almost every pose begins with — where and how you place your feet. When you move from a place of strength and confidence you are better set to find your own creative fl...

  • Hatha for Self Acceptance (45 min) - with Araba Adjaye

    Join Araba for an all levels Hatha Yoga class. This class is great for beginners and focuses on the breath, as well as foundational yoga poses. You can expect to hold poses for longer periods of time, checking in with yourself and your body to find what feels good.

  • Accessible Fiery Flow with Props (40 min) - with Aaliya Noorani

    Did you know that most (if not all) practitioners would benefit by including props in their practice?

    Join Aaliya for an accessible fiery flow where she dives into this thought. This class focuses on using the help of blocks to deepen the experience in a Vinyasa Flow practice and allow for best ...

  • Meditate to Cultivate (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Join Kyra in this 10-minute meditation to help you cultivate. This meditation focuses on creation and calling in. Find a comfortable seat that you can enjoy for the next 10 minutes and tune inward.

  • Gentle Workout (35 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Some days we don't need to push ourselves to the limit. Some days, we just need to tune in and listen to our bodies. When the energy isn't there for a long practice or an invigorating workout, there are still options to move mindfully. This class is made just for days like that.

    No props are re...

  • Accessible Hatha Yoga (35 min) - with Rebecca Hollingworth

    This is an all-levels yoga class. It's great for practitioners who are new to yoga, or for anyone who wants to come back to their foundations and hear some really clear cues. You can expect to move gently and mindfully, with lots of options and modifications to make it feel good for you.

    Props: ...

  • Meditation for Beginners (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Welcome to the beginning of your meditation journey!

    This is a short and sweet meditation perfect for those of you who are new to meditating. Let go of any fears or anxieties that may come up when starting something new, as this meditation is designed to be for anyone and everyone.

    Ensure you f...

  • Hatha Yoga for Every Body (30 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Welcome to an all levels Hatha class that that's only 30 minutes. This is a great class for students who are new to yoga and are looking to build their foundations. You can expect longer holds, mindful movement, and intentional cueing in this class.

  • Knee Friendly Yoga (45 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Join Hillary for a knee-friendly yoga class. This is a dynamic class that includes a lot of mindful attention to the knees, as well as modification suggestions you can use in other yoga classes, to make them more knee-friendly.

    No props are required but have a yoga block nearby if you need it. ...

  • Hands Free Flow (55 min) - with Alison Klektau

    This class is designed for yogis who love Vinyasa-Flow but find it hard on their wrists. It includes flowing, dynamic movement with the breath, just like a normal Flow Yoga class, but with much fewer weight-bearing poses that involve the wrist. Alison also includes modifications you can take to e...

  • Hatha Yoga For Every Body (60 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Join Lisa for this all-levels Hatha Yoga practice. This class encourages you to listen to your body and honour where you are at. Every body is different, and you can honour that by modifying or changing positions based on what feels right in your body. Yoga is about stilling the mind and connecti...

  • Quick Yoga Tune-Up (35 min) - with Jasmina Egeler

    "Give yourself the gift of your own attention".

    Join Jasmina for a 35 minute Hatha Yoga class. This "mini tune-up" yoga class is a feel-good practice to pay attention to your physical body. How does it feel? How is it positioned against the mat or moving in space? Make a commitment to tune into...

  • Quick Workout for Beginners (20 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    This is 20 minutes of movement with Hana! This class is designed for folks getting back into working out, so it is an express class that packs just the right amount of movement into a limited time.

    Here is what you can expect: a short warm-up, 2 exercise routines that are three minutes each (re...

  • Morning Hatha for Beginners (30 min) - with Jayme Burke

    Join Jayme for a short, beginner-friendly Hatha Yoga class. Hatha Yoga is a slower form of yoga with longer holds. This allows us to really listen to alignment cues from Jayme, open our bodies up, and build strength.

    Helpful Props: 2 yoga blocks (or water bottles, large books), and a chip foam b...

  • Grounding Flow (35 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna int his "Flow for Grounding" class.

    This 35-minute practice for great for any time of the day. Focusing on our connection to the earth, this Vinyasa Flow will build lower body strength as a way to ground your body and mind.

  • Desk Stretches for Neck & Shoulders (20 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Achey neck & back from sitting all day? Join Lisa to stretch it out! When we are sitting at a desk, we are generally hunched forward. What can happen is that we can get locked in this "hunched" over position, leading to neck, shoulder, and back pain.

    Take some time to follow these stretches thr...

  • Hatha Yoga for All Levels (35 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Join Hillary for a short and sweet Hatha Yoga class. This is an all-levels practice, perfect for folks newer to yoga or for long-time yogis wanting to get back to build on their foundations. There is always room to modify or add on, depending on your practice and how your body feels.

    Hatha yoga...

  • Intentional Movement (40 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Move mindfully with Kyra. This class is all about going back to basics and being super intentional about every posture, alignment cue, and transition. This is a slower-style Vinyasa Flow class, so it's perfect for those who want to open up and deep dive into learning about optimal alignment.

    No ...

  • Non Wrist Bearing Yoga (30 min) - with Veronika Lelyavko

    Welcome to Veronika's 30 minute Yoga practice that does not put any pressure on the wrists or hands. This class is great for folks who are new to yoga and may experience wrist pain. This class is also modified for someone who may have a wrist injury.

  • Beginner Friendly Chair Yoga (50 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Welcome to Hillary Keegan's 50-minute Beginner Hatha practice. This class includes chair modifications as well as healing sound bowls. This is a great class for yogi's who are beginning their movement journey, or recovering from an injury.
    The chair is like your safe space: you can do all levels...