A physical conditioning class that uses Pilates, yoga and fitness to improve your core strength, increase functional movement and structural alignment.

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  • Pilates Ball Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a 30-minute Pilates workout. This class uses both (or either) the mini or larger Pilates ball. This is a full-body workout that mainly targets the core, but also the upper body and lower body.

    Props: A pilates ball (size of your choice).


  • Core Burner Pilates (20 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    This class is all about the core. This class is short but packs a ton of intensity as it focuses on the abdominals, obliques, and back. All you need is your body and your mat!

  • 10 Min Tone: Abs (10 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a quick, targeted ab workout. This is a class without breaks to make the most of 10 minutes. You can expect to feel a 360 burn in your upper & lower abs as well as your obliques.

  • 360 Core Power (30 min) - with Stephen Ewashkiw

    What requires more often has more to offer. This 30-minute practice is packed with power poses and dynamic movements that require more. In return, it will fire up your core so that you can create capacity for more. We start with a few Sun Salutations to warm up and then jump right into a full 360...

  • Express Abs (15 min) - with Heather Obre

    Join Heather for a quick and effective ab workout! This is a challenging, fast-paced class with little to no breaks to make the most out of the short time we have. No props are required.

  • Pilates: Abs & Glutes (25 min) - with Heather Obre

    Join Heather for an express Pilates practice. This is a mat-based practice that targets the lower body (specifically the glutes) and the core. You can expect to work up a sweat and feel a nice burn in just under 25 minutes.

    Optional props: Heather is using two weighted balls to add intensity to ...

  • Quick Core Power (30 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    A quick and effective yoga class that includes emphasis on the core. Prepare to feel fire in your core, get your body moving, and find a mindful moment of presence. This quick burn will move dynamically and move with breath.

    Optional props: 2 blocks

  • Strong Arms & Abs (25 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for an abs & arms-focused workout. For this workout, Noami suggests using weights to enhance difficulty, but it can be done without weights if you prefer.

    This workout will contain 60 seconds of work, with 20 seconds of rest between each exercise. There are no repeat exercises, meani...

  • Core Pilates (35 min) - with Alison Klektau

    This is a 35 minute, core-strengthening Pilates class with Alison. Alison moves quickly and her Pilates style is very strong and powerful. You can expect this fusion class to emphasize high reps and high intensity. You can always modify for your body by slowing down or lowering the reps.

    Try ou...

  • Mat Pilates (25 min) - with Stephanie Gladman

    Join Steph for a 25-minute mat Pilates class. In this class, you hold movements like planks, side planks, and core exercises to build your muscles and core strength. Steph also includes some juicy stretches and fun moves to keep it fresh.

    No props are required, but Steph is adding on by using w...

  • Dynamic Core (30 min) - with Mari Dickey

    Join Mari for a targeted and dynamic Core Yoga class. Warming up and strengthening the core can be an essential ingredient to stabilize the body for things like arm balances and inversions. This is a great class to complement a Power-Flow class and establish a mind-core connection.

    Props: You ca...

  • Strong Core Flow (40 min) - with Alison Klektau

    Join Alison for a Flow Yoga class that is just over 40 minutes. This is an all-levels class, so feel free to add on or modify where you need to. This class is a core-focused practice, so you can expect core exercises in between flowing sequences to build strength and fire up your core for challen...

  • Advanced Core & Glutes Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for an advanced ab & glute workout! You'll discover a deep connection with the core in this dynamic glute and core activating sequence. Challenge yourself and feel the burn as you strengthen your mind and body simultaneously.

    Hana will not be offering modifications, as this is an advan...

  • 360 Core (30 min) - with Alison Klektau

    Join Alison for a quick, fast-paced core class!

    This class will get into multiple areas of the core including the abdominals, obliques, back, and glutes. This is a high-intensity core class, so remember to take breaks or move through the exercises slower than cued if you need to. If you do a lot...

  • Side Body Oblique Workout (20 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for a 20 minute side body workout! This core workout targets your obliques (the side body muscles of your core). You can expect a lot of lateral flexion and rotation in this workout.

    No props are required.

  • Core Power (60 min) - with Jasmina Egeler

    Join Jasmina for 60 minutes of Core Power Yoga! This is a dynamic, strength-building Vinyasa Flow class that will get you sweating. There is a focus in today's class on building core strength. You can also expect to flow with your breath, experience a great stretch, and have fun!

    Optional Props:...

  • Pilates with Weights (35 min) - with Juan Villegas

    Join Juan for a fun and challenging pilates with weights class! This class will target the core and the back. Juan has a number of props that are optional to use.

    Optional Props: 2 weights (or cans/water bottles), a blanket, a chip foam block (or book), and a bolster (or cushion).

  • Strong Lower Abs (20 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Welcome to 20 minutes of Naomi's lower ab-focused workout. This class has 8 different exercises in it. We will work for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest. Naomi will always offer modifications along the way and encourages you to take a break whenever you need it.

    No props are required for this...

  • Core Burn Pilates (20 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Join Kyra for a quick, core-burning class! This 20-minute workout is Pilates-inspired workout that will focus mainly on the abs, but will hit other areas of the core, too. With such a targeted class, remember to take breaks when you need to! No props are required for this all-levels class.

  • Hard Core (18 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Fire up your core with Naomi Joy! This is an advanced core workout, so Naomi will be speaking to more challenging poses rather than a number of modifications. You can expect a quick core warm-up and then we will move through a variety of core exercises for 50 seconds each, with a 15-second break.

  • Pilates for a Strong Core (35 min) - with Alison Klektau (WITH MUSIC)

    Join Alison for a 35 minute Pilates practice. This is a classic mat Pilates style class that has a strong focus on the core. All you need for this practice your mat. This class is all-levels.

  • Centered & Strong: On Your Back (14 min) - with Alia Mai

    Join Alia for a quick tone! This is a 10-15 minute wake-up Flow on your back! This entire class can be done on your back. This quick practice will strengthen your core and midline.
    No props required but please have a block (or pillow/book) close by if you need it.

  • 10 Min Tone: Deep Core Yoga (12 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    In this short class, Mikaela will take us through a deep core Vinyasa Flow. You may recognize a flow like this as a sequence you'd experience in a longer Vinyasa class. This class will fire up your whole core to help you with stabilization and balance in standing yoga postures.
    No props required

  • Deep Core Pilates (17 min) - with Alison Lloyd-Nijjar

    Welcome to Alison's express Pilates practice. This class will focus on the deep core. The deep core involves the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverse abdominals, and multifidus muscle. These muscles work together to provide support for your entire body. Over time, people may lose the ability to en...