Give your arms some love with these tutorials and classes aimed at building upper body strength.

Whether you're looking to advance your practice with inversions or are looking for an effective pre-natal workout, this growing and evolving collection has a variety of arm-loving sequence options for you.

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  • 10 Minute Tone: Triceps (10 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a 10-minute workout targeting your Triceps! We will go through five different exercises two times, and by the end, you will be really feeling the burn in your arms. No equipment is required for this class.

  • Arms & Abs Power (25 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    This quick power flow will leave you feeling fiery! This is an arms and abs focus flow. This sequence will have you building strength and creating heat. Props: two blocks (or books/pillows)

  • Upper Body Pilates (26 min) - with Vanessa Bourget

    Join Vanessa for a quick, focused, 26 minute Pilates class! This class will include movements to strengthen your core and upper body. This low impact style uses controlled movements to improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance. Emphasis on alignment, breathing, and developing core awarene...

  • Arms & Abs Burn (25 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for a 25-minute workout to burn, sculpt and tone your abs and arms! This workout requires no equipment. In today's class, we will be working for 60 seconds for each exercise, followed by a break. This class also includes a quick warm-up and cool-down at the end.

  • Arm & Ab Burner (20 min) - with Hana Wienwurm

    Join Hana for a 20-minute ab & arm burner class! This is an express class, and you can use light/medium weights for this class, or you can do it with just your body weight. Prepare to build heat quickly, and really feel the burn in your arms & abs!

  • Upper Body & Core Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a 30 minute Upper Body & Core Workout. All you need for this class is your body, but if you do have weights, feel free to grab some lighter weights (or cans of soup).
    We will be focusing on some of the smaller muscles in our upper body rather than the large muscle groups we normall...

  • Arm Strength Workout with Dumb Bells (30 min) with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi Joy's Upper Body + Arms dumbbell workout! We can guarantee you will feel the burn in this class! This is definitely a strength-building workout targetting your upper body (mainly your arms). In this 30-minute fitness class, Naomi will be using a set of lightweights. She's using 5 lbs,...

  • Slow Burn Arms and Abs (30 min) - with Jayme Burke

    Join Jayme for this 30 minute Slow Burn Arms & Abs class! In this class, we will build strength, balance and flexibility through a creative sequence of Hatha Yoga postures to challenge both the body and the mind. This class will specifically focus on building strength in your arms and abs.
    No pro...

  • 10 Minute Tone: Arms (10 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for this quick 10 Minute Tone class. This class is all about toning your arms. This class is perfect to squeeze in between meetings, or while you wait for your dinner to cook!
    All you need is a set of light weights! This is optional, and you can choose to use just bodyweight instead. O...

  • Upper Body & Core Strength-Building Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a 30 minute Upper Body & Core workout! This class is focused on building strength in the upper body, with a lot of core intertwined into the exercises.
    This class features a quick 2-min warm-up and then jumps right into the first block of exercises alternating with core work.

  • Upper Body Circuit w/ Weights (30 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for this 30 minute Upper Body Circuit Sculpt class! We will be working for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of transitionary break. We will be going through their whole circuit twice.

    Weights will be required for this class. You'll need a set of lighter & heavier weights. Remember,...

  • YExpress Upper Body (20 min) — with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Naomi's designed a quick upper body class for you that will get the job done fast. In 20 minutes, you'll use a highly effective circuit to target and strengthen your arms, back, and shoulders.

    Today's circuit has 8 exercises which will each last 50 seconds and you'll have 10 seconds of rest in ...

  • YSculpt: Chest and Triceps (20 min) - with Clem Duranseaud

    Spice up your upper body workout with this 20-minute class!
    Expect to work your chest and triceps through a variety of different movements.

    Clem takes you through a quick warm-up before getting you into the work.
    You'll be lead through several movements with active rest in between, making thi...

  • YSculpt: Back and Biceps (20 min) – with Clem Duranseaud

    Check this class out if you're looking to target the upper body as an addition to another class or if you're just looking to target the area, this class is for you!

    Clem makes sure that you're nice and warmed up before leading you through the work, so don't worry if this is your first class of ...

  • Live Stream Arm Strength Pilates (60 min) - with Alison Lloyd-Nijjar

    Join Alison for a Pilates class focused on strengthening your upper body & arms! This style uses controlled movements to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance. Emphasis on alignment, breathing as well as developing core awareness.

    Props: yoga strap or robe tie or rolled up towel


  • Barre Bootcamp: Abs & Arms (30 min) — with Sarah Devlin

    Inspired by ballet and dance traditions, you'll use small, controlled movements to create long and lean muscles in this full body workout with a special focus on abs and arms.

    You can opt to use some weights for a little extra fire. Sarah uses Pilates balls which are 2 pounds. Light dumbbells, ...

  • Flow Yoga: Pre-Natal Ab and Arm Routine (10 min) — with Quyhn Mi

    This pre-natal friendly flow with Quyhn Mi is focused on strengthening and stretching your arms and core.

    Please speak to your doctor before proceeding with any exercise, including yoga, if you are pregnant to ensure that this physical exercise works for your individual body and needs.


  • Power Yoga Intermediate: Birds & Bugs (75 min) — with Mari Dickey

    Why Birds & Bugs? Well, In Sanskrit, a lot of arm balances in the yoga practice translate into names of birds and bugs – if you're curious about playing with arm balances, this is your class! Even if you’re not quite there yet, Mari offers plenty of prep for every pose so you’re already doing the...

  • What are birds and bugs? Mari Dickey explains.

    If you look at the translation from Sanskrit, for a lot of arm balances in the yoga practice, they translate into names of insects ands birds.

    Every shape should be a balance of steadiness and ease-fulness.

    Arm balances invite you to play in some shapes that are asymmetrical and allow you to mo...

  • Tutorial: How to do Crow Pose (5 min) — with Mari Dickey

    Alignment based movement is even more important when you're practicing challenging compact arm balances like Crow (Bakasana).

    If you're looking to introduce arm balancing into your practice, play in this short tutorial that guides you into crow pose, the gateway into many other arm balances.

  • Live Replay: Effort & Ease Power (60 min) - with Crystal Rainbow Borelli

    Crystal joins us from home to build strength and balance through a dynamic and challenging sequence of postures in this 60 minute Power practice!

    Today's practice is Eka Pada Koundinyasa arm balance with the practice of Yoga Sutra 2.46 - Sthira-Sukham Asanam, which means postures should be stabl...

  • Live Replay: Stretch & Strength Hatha (60 min) - with Jayme Burke

    Join Jayme for a Hatha Yoga practice! This slower practice emphasizes a balance of postural alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen your body.

    - Yoga strap (or belt, bathrobe tie, a long scarf - anything that will allow you to get more length in your arms)
    - blocks (...

  • Core Fusion: Upper Body (30 min) – with Rich Reynolds

    Whether you're looking to target the upper body as an addition to another class or if you're just looking to target the area, this class is for you! This 30-minute class is also travel-friendly (can be practiced in hotel rooms)!

    Rich's directions are clear, motivational, and informative. He alw...

  • Power Yoga for Positive Energy (20 min) — with Hillary Keegan

    A quick Power practice aimed at increasing your energy and giving you some good, positive vibes. Enjoy!

    We’ve partnered with Babylon by TELUS Health, who believes in access to healthcare for everyone, to bring you more ways to introduce mindfulness into your day including this co-created col...