Workouts: HIIT, Cardio, YSculpt

Workouts: HIIT, Cardio, YSculpt

Use weights to push, pull, lunge, and squat your way to functional fitness with this low impact sequence that emphasizes core strength and conditioning.

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Workouts: HIIT, Cardio, YSculpt
  • Total Body Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a full-body, 5x5 workout!
    You can expect to do 5 exercises for 45 seconds each with a 15-second recovery 5 times through. This workout will take a full 30 minutes including a warm-up and cool-down.
    Props: Please have a set of weights for both the upper body and lower body.

  • Full Body Workout for Strength (50 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Welcome to Naomi Joy's full-body strength class with dumbbells. This is a circuit-style class that includes a set of heavier weights and lighter weights. This full-body class includes a warm-up, a strength-building exercise circuit, and a cool-down. Remember to listen to your body and take breaks...

  • Total Body Sweat (60 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Get ready to sweat! This is Hana's 60 minute, total body workout. This is a fully balanced full-body workout that includes a warm-up, a strength-building class that includes three blocks of exercises, and a cool-down stretch.
    This is a time-based workout that includes four exercises per block [3...

  • Step Up Workout (20 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Welcome to Hana's 20 minute Step Up workout. For this class, you will need something safe and stable that you can step up on. This could be a small step like Hana is using, or a bench or footstool that is stable. This workout will include a quick warm-up, and then there are 4 movements that we wi...

  • Strength & Cardio (32 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a full-body strength and cardio workout! This 30-minute workout will get your heart rate up, burn calories, get you moving and build strength. This is a really fun patterned 5x5 workout. There are 5 exercises that will be done 5 times. Each exercise is 45 seconds with a short recove...

  • Quick Post-Workout Stretch (7 min) - with Chrissy Chequer

    Join Chrissy for a quick post-workout stretch. This class is just under 7 minutes and will guide you through a full-body stretch.
    No props required

  • High-Intensity Low-Impact Workout (30 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for an intense 30-minute TABATA workout! This is a low-impact class, but you can expect a high level of intensity. There will be no jumping, but you will definitely get sweaty.
    TABATA workouts require 20 seconds of all-out intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Each round of TABAT...

  • Core Sculpt Circuit (30 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for a 30-minute core sculpting circuit! In this workout, we will definitely get sweaty and work our core in three different dimensions. We will go through 10 different exercises: 50 seconds of work, and 15 seconds of transition/break. We will repeat this circuit two times.
    No props req...

  • Interval Cardio & Core Workout (22 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Welcome to your 20 minute Cardio and Core workout!
    This is a TABATA workout, which means you will be doing high-intensity exercise for 20 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest. We will do each move 4 times within 4 minutes before we move onto the next set of exercises (we have four TABATA's in to...

  • Cardio Dance Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a 30 minute Cardio Dance workout!
    For the next 30 minutes, we are going to shake our hips, loosen up our shoulder's and dance to an awesome playlist! Dancing is such a fun way to exercise, and doing it at home means you can feel comfortable really getting down and groovy.
    Let's get...

  • Cardio Circuit with Weights (30 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for this 30-minute cardio class! Get ready to sweat - this low-impact cardio class also uses weights. Naomi recommends using light weights (she is using 5lb weights) or you can use cans of soup.
    This is a circuit-style class with 4 different circuits with 3 moves in each one. We will g...

  • Arms & Abs Burn (25 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for a 25-minute workout to burn, sculpt and tone your abs and arms! This workout requires no equipment. In today's class, we will be working for 60 seconds for each exercise, followed by a break. This class also includes a quick warm-up and cool-down at the end.

  • Booty Building Strength (30 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for a booty-building strength workout! This is a low-impact class that also utilizes dumbbells. Naomi is using a lighter set (10 lbs) and a heavier set (15lbs), but if you don't have weights you can use your body weight or cans of soup. Naomi will be doing a warm-up, a cool down, 3 s...

  • Arm & Ab Burner (20 min) - with Hana Wienwurm

    Join Hana for a 20-minute ab & arm burner class! This is an express class, and you can use light/medium weights for this class, or you can do it with just your body weight. Prepare to build heat quickly, and really feel the burn in your arms & abs!

  • Full Body Strength (35 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Put on your favourite playlist and join Naomi for a full-body strength YSculpt class! This is a 35-minute class that includes a warm-up, cool down, and 3 different circuits. Some movements we will be doing twice, and some we will be doing once on each side of the body.
    Props: 2 sets of weights -...

  • Sweaty Cardio Core Circuit (33 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Let's get moving! Join Noami for a Cardio Core class!

    Put on your favourite playlist and get ready to feel the burn in this Cardio Core TABATA class. This is a HIGH-intensity, HIGH-impact cardio class, so if you have sensitive knees or ankles, please check out a different low-impact class in the...

  • Apartment Friendly Workout (40 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for an Apartment-Friendly Workout! This is a low-impact workout. It will have a flowing feel to it, and we will work our whole body.
    Naomi will also be using a chair for some balancing and lunges, so make sure your chair works for those exercises.
    The only prop needed for this class...

  • Toned Inner + Outer Thigh Workout (30 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for a thigh-toning workout! In this 30 minute class, Naomi reminds everyone to take breaks whenever you need them. This is an equipment-free class, so all you will need is your own body weight. This will be a class that includes a lot of repetition, squatting, lunging, and pulsing. Enj...

  • Flowing Barre (45 min) - with Heather Obre

    Join Heather for a Flowing Barre class! This is a fusion class with Barre, Pilates, and Yoga. This class will be focusing on a standing series that will require balance, lower body, and core strength. This is a full-body toning and sculpting class so Heather will also do movements to strengthen &...

  • Workout for Cyclists (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for this 30-minute workout for cyclists!
    This workout is meant to prepare you for your ride or to just keep you stronger while you are riding to help prevent injury. Hana suggests adding some weights to this class if you have any. She's using lighter weights for the upper body and heavi...

  • Post Workout Stretch (15 min) - with Alia Mai

    Join Alia for a great post-workout stretch. This is a 15-minute stretch that is meant to be approachable for everyone. Remember to listen to your body when you are stretching and to pay attention to any tension you feel. Feel free to adjust this class to make it work for you.
    You can use props l...

  • Workout for Runners (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for this 30-minute workout for runners! In this class, Hana is using light weights (for the upper body) and heavier weights (for the lower body). She is also using (optional) a circular resistance band. Feel free to use at-home alternatives like water bottles or cans of soup as weights,...

  • Beginner Workout (20 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for this beginner-friendly workout. This is a great 20-minute movement class moving through fundamental movements like squats, lunges pushes, and pulls. This is a complete workout - with a quick warm-up, mindful movement and a stretch at the end.
    This workout would also be great for fo...

  • YSculpt with Weights (50 min) — with Kevin Maynard

    Be challenged and get sweaty with this mindful movement class: YSculpt with weights with YYOGA fitness teacher Kevin Maynard.

    Because this class is practiced barefoot, you'll be training your posture (which begins with the feet) while you workout.

    Kevin uses dumbbells in this class. You ca...