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    Find this week's new Release Schedule here (updated every Monday). Each class is set to release at a specific day/time, so you won't be able to see it show up until 30 minutes before its release time.

    This week's schedule:
    5pm: THE WEEKLY POWER: Power Yoga (45 min) - with Jasmi...


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    Find all classes released in May 2022 in this collection.


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    You can find all classes released in the month of April, 2022 in this collection.

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    Looking for a new class or maybe a new teacher? Welcome to the New and Noteworthy collection! We've carefully selected unique classes based on their theme, length, teacher, and style, to showcase our favourite new releases. Whether you're looking for a workout, a yoga class, or a core-burning Pil...

  • Salt of the Earth

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    Salute the sun, fly like an eagle, or root down like a tree.
    Calling all Earthlings! Check out this special collection of classes with earthy and natural themes. Move like waves in the ocean, find a peaceful disconnect from the modern world, and honour our forest friend's through unique animal po...

  • The Five Elements Yoga Series

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    The Five Elements: a yoga series

    This collection has classes dedicated to each of the 5 elements in celebration of Earth Day. They are all uniquely created and sequenced to inspire the feelings of these elements within you as you practice.
    Earth: grounding, stabilizing poses, long holds.
    Fire: ...