Anna Oldfield

Anna Oldfield

What should students expect from Anna's class? "A stronger and kinder connection to themselves."

About Anna:
As a yoga teacher and a nature lover, my hope is to help guide you through breath to a deeper inner awareness. I have been practicing yoga for over two decades and have been teaching since 2009. During that time I have taught public classes at YYOGA, facilitated workshops, hosted local/international retreats and been a Lululemon Ambassador.

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Anna Oldfield
  • Sun Salutation Flow (50 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna for a 50-minute Vinyasa Flow. This class is meant to awaken the body or energize you any time of the day. Sun Salutations bring lots of vitality to the body and help you tune into the flow and out of your head.

    No props are required for this class

  • Restorative Mindful Flow (50 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    A gentle and restorative practice that focuses on rejuvenating our energy and regulating our nervous system. Focusing on our hips to help ground us and a few easy backbends to re-energize us.

    There are Wide-legged folds, lunges with gentle twists. Diving deeper into the hips with a variation of...

  • Yin Yang Flow (70 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna for a Vinyasa Flow class balanced in Yin & Yang. The "yin" and "yang" of the practice refer to the balance of effort and ease. As Anna says, all classes should have a balance of these elements, but in this class, she will really break down those two different parts of the class.


  • Good Morning Flow (35 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna for a 35-minute Vinyasa Flow class! This is a morning practice that wakes up your mind and body in the best way possible. Set yourself up for a great day with sun salutations and lunges, and a few twists and balancing poses.

    Optional Props: 2 yoga blocks or books

  • Happy Hamstrings Flow (55 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Create more flexibility and functionality in your hamstrings with this slower-paced Flow class. Anna will guide a special focus on your hamstrings using active and passive stretches. This class involves a balance of using your strength and releasing tension with variations in Half Splits, Pyramid...

  • Slow Flow for a Busy Life (45 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Please note, there is a little bit of microphone feedback in this class.

    When life gets hectic, sometimes you just need to slow down and breathe deeper. In this 45 minute class with Anna, you can expect a gentle warm-up that eases into a simple and grounding practice. This class focuses on stan...

  • Grounding Flow (35 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna int his "Flow for Grounding" class.

    This 35-minute practice for great for any time of the day. Focusing on our connection to the earth, this Vinyasa Flow will build lower body strength as a way to ground your body and mind.

  • Flow for Mental Fatigue (40 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    An any time of the day class that will support you to calm and steady your mind using stress-free, yet active poses. Focusing on breath and body sensations to channel your thoughts and release tension in your shoulders and hips. This class is designed to bring you home to a more grounded in your ...

  • Effort & Ease Flow (65 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Welcome to 65 minutes of Vinyasa Flow with Anna!

    This is a well-rounded flow to help you find freedom and stability within your mind and body. A sequence of hip-openers, twists, and balancing poses for deep release throughout the body. Finishing with a well-deserved Savasana.

    Optional Props: 2...

  • Power-Flow for Strength & Courage (60 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Welcome to 60 minutes of powerful Vinyasa Flow with Anna. This class is all about embodying the strength and courage within you.
    This practice is a powerful flow where we will move through ab and arm strengthening poses. You can also expect other elements like planks and lunges to find our streng...

  • Slow Flow for Inner Peace (50 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Find internal peace. Your mat is your sanctuary. Anna uses meditation and a calming Vinyasa flow in this sweet, 50-minute practice. You can expect lots of forward folds and light twists before finishing in a relaxed Savasana.

  • Grounding Power (60 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Welcome to 60 minutes of deeply grounding Power Vinyasa with Anna.
    This class is a strong flow that builds in intensity with a few balancing postures for strength building. A short warm-up featuring Cobra into Camel flow followed by a core sequence. This gradual flow peaks with Eagle, Warrior 3 ...

  • Feeling Stuck Flow (55 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Welcome to 55 minutes of Flow Yoga with Anna.
    A simple, slow flow class that invites you to move your body in a way that release pent-up stress. This class is beneficial for anytime of the day. We will move with focused breath through Revolved Lunge, Revolved Reverse Crescent, Triangle, Pigeon, a...

  • Slow Flow to Recalibrate & Re-Centre (60 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna for 60 minutes of Slow Vinyasa Flow.
    This class helps to bring you back to yourself after a busy day, and invites you to transition from the fast pace of the day to your natural inner rhythm. Today's class will focus on breath, hip openers, and slow flow to guide you to drop the stress...

  • Invigorating Morning Flow (70 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Awaken your body with this strong and steady 70-minute flow. Making you feeling balanced, energized, and ready for your day, you'll stretch out the entire front line of your body. Including quads, hip flexors, chest, and shoulders as you flow through a sequence including crescent lungs, half moon...

  • Body Wisdom Flow (65 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna for this 65 minute Flow Yoga practice!
    Explore the knowledge of your mind, heart and soul. This practice will be a strong and playful Power Vinyasa Flow. It's an opportunity for you to investigate the wisdom your body intuitively already has. We invite you to explore how this physical p...

  • Calm the Inner Body Flow (55 min) - with Anna Oldfield

    Join Anna for this well-rounded and peaceful Flow class. This is a 55 minute class.

    Contemplate your relationship to practice during a well-rounded, full-body flow. Focus on the balance of effort and ease. This practice will include a lunging flow, warrior III, Eagle, and heart-opening backbend...