5 - 10 minutes

5 - 10 minutes

Plan your day!

This collection includes classes that range from 5 to 10 minutes in duration.

Whether you have 10 minutes or 60 minutes, any time spent on your mat or in meditation is beneficial for your overall wellbeing.

We've organized this collection to make it easy for you to fit a quick practice into your day.

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5 - 10 minutes
  • 10 minute Morning Flow (10 min) - with Connor Roff

    Wake the body with yoga! This speedy morning flow is perfect to do as a quick practice to get your body moving before your start your day. Being only 10 minutes, you can fit this in any day or every day to help you wake up.

  • Gratitude Meditation (10 min) - with Sasha Smith

    Join Sasha for a short gratitude meditation. Settle in and find a comfortable seat. This can be done by sitting, lying down, or anything that helps you feel at east. Tune in and pay attention to your thoughts and your breath.

  • Meditation for Rainy Day Blues (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Grab a blanket, put on a sweater, pull on some socks, and get cozy. This meditation is all about checking in and finding that inner warmth. You will breathe into spaces that feel tense and exhale a release. Surrender and soften into stillness.

  • Positive Morning Affirmations (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Set the tone of your day with Kyra. Our thoughts are powerful. Our words are powerful. Bringing positive affirmations and voicing them into existence can also create a powerful change in your outlook and energy for the day.

    Take 10 minutes, give these affirmations a try, and feel a sense of sel...

  • Evening Release Meditation (10 min) - with Stephen Ewashkiw

    Tune in & let go with Stephen. Enjoy a 10 minute guided meditation to relax after a long day.

  • Meditation to Tune In & Let Go (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    This is a meditation to tune into your body and let go of any emotional or physical tension. Kyra suggests that all practitioners lay down for this meditation. Make yourself feel as comfortable as possible with pillows or blankets if you wish.

  • 10 Minute Tone: Arms (10 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Tone your arms in 10 minutes with Hana. This is a quick, targeted workout with repetitive movement in just the arms and shoulders. With little to no breaks, by the end of 10 minutes, you will really feel the burn.

    Props: Hana is using dumb bells in this workout, but you can just use bodyweight o...

  • 10 Min Tone: Abs (10 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a quick, targeted ab workout. This is a class without breaks to make the most of 10 minutes. You can expect to feel a 360 burn in your upper & lower abs as well as your obliques.

  • Meditation for a Hard Day (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    This is a 10-minute meditation for when you have had a hard day. This class is all about making you feel better, so find a seat that feels best and safest for you, and let go of the day.

  • Meditation: Observe Your Breath (10 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    This meditation focuses on observing and connecting to the breath. You will notice the flow of breath, where your breath is coming from, and how it feels within you.

    Find a comfortable seat or lie down. The physical position you are in doesn't matter, what matters is that you are comfortable and...

  • Yoga Tutorial: Jump from Crow to Chaturanga (10 min) - with Connor Roff

    Trying to jump from Crow Pose (Bakasana) to Chaturanga? This is a challenging transition that takes a lot of core and upper body strength. In this 10 minute tutorial, Connor will provide you with tips and alignment cues to help you make this transition possible.

    Keep practicing and you will get...

  • Bedtime Meditation (10 min) - with Aaliya Noorani

    Join Aaliya for a short, bedtime meditation. This is the perfect meditation to do in bed or somewhere comfortable to get you in a relaxed mental state and ready for sleep.

  • Breathing Through Uncertain Times (10 min) - with Eliza Butler

    Welcome to Eliza's breathwork and meditation around managing feelings of uncertainty. This is something we have all had experience with in the last few years, but it is something that can come in many shapes and forms moving forward.

    Find a comfortable seat, settle in, and let Eliza guide you t...

  • Breathing Through Uncertain Times (10 min) - with Eliza Butler

    Welcome to Eliza's breathwork and meditation around managing feelings of uncertainty. This is something we have all had experience with in the last few years, but it is something that can come in many shapes and forms moving forward.

    Find a comfortable seat, settle in, and let Eliza guide you t...

  • Vibrant Mini Flow (10 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    Use this class to shake off any heavy energy or any stickiness in your body! This is 10 minutes dedicated to your movement - so have fun and feel the joy and vibrance radiating from Mikaela in this mini Flow class!

    No props are required.

  • 10 Minute Tone: Abs (10 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Tone your abs in 10 minutes! This is a great class to implement whenver you have a few spare minutes. Whether it's while you watch TV, during a break before your next Zoom meeting, engage your abs and build some core strength!
    Look for our other 10 Minute Tone classes in the "10 Minute Tone" coll...

  • Tutorial: How to Do Half Moon Pose (10 min) — with Katherine Moore

    Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana) is such a great pose; it truly gives you a sense of freedom and possibility. Katherine takes us through preparation for Half Moon, including how to leverage the floor as part of your foundation, and proper alignment and execution of Half Moon pose.

    Tip: Grab a block...

  • Tutorial: Low Lunge (10 min) — with Alison Klektau

    Alison takes you through the proper alignment of a low lunge pose. She also shows another heart-opening variation that you can include in your practice.

  • Work from Home Yoga Break (5 mins) — with Rachel Scott

    Take a quick break from sitting to stretch and strengthen with Rachel. You don't need anything for this class except your yoga mat and a nearby wall.

  • Tutorial: Triangle Pose (10 min) — with Katherine Moore

    Triangle pose is strengthening, grounding, and stabilizing. Katherine will take you through a few ways you can step into this posture. You'll also be invited to step into slight but different variations to see what works for your body.

    This tutorial uses two yoga blocks and a yoga strap. If you ...

  • Tutorial: Goddess Pose (5 min) – with Rachel Scott

    Goddess pose gives you both a great stretch and engagement through your legs. Rachel takes you through the pose piece by piece so that you can properly align your legs and knees to get the most out of it.

  • Tutorial: How to do Side Crow Pose (10 min) – with Rachel Scott

    Rachel breaks down this strengthening pose so that you can try it out and add it to your practice. Side Crow uses your obliques, your arms, and your shoulders, so you'll feel full upper body engagement.

  • Floor Barre: Ignite Your Core (5 min) — Andi Joy Harvey

    Inspired by ballet and dance traditions, you'll use small, controlled movements to create long and lean muscles. This core-focused work out is ideal for those busy individuals who are looking for results.

    Andi guides you through a quick but challenging core practice that can be layered onto an...

  • Meditation: How to Calm Anxiety with Breath (10 min) — with Quynh Mi

    What is mindfulness? It starts with breath and observation.

    De-stress, reduce anxiety and promote calmness with this grounding, guided meditation with YYOGA teacher, Quynh Mi.

    Get comfy and tune in.