15 - 20 minutes

15 - 20 minutes

Plan your day!

This collection includes classes that range from 15 to 20 minutes in duration.

Even if you only have 15 minutes, any time spent on your mat or in meditation is beneficial for your overall wellbeing.

We've organized this collection to make it easy for you to fit a quick practice into your day, or to stack with other work outs to customize based on your needs.

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15 - 20 minutes
  • Progressive Breathwork: Calming Focus (16 min) - with Eliza Butler

    This is Day 4 of a 5-day progressive breathwork series.

    Breathwork for calming focus and balancing the nervous system: Eliza guides us through breathing techniques that help bring a sense of focused calm to our mind and body. These exercises are intended to be used at any time throughout the da...

  • Meditation for Presence (20 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Join Lisa for this 20-minute meditation focused on the present moment. This meditation is an active meditation in that we will be doing an action throughout it. It's meant to help you sense and feel your body. Your body is always in the present moment; it's your mind that takes you out of it.


  • Post Natal Yoga (15 min) - with Carine Young

    Join Carine for a quick Post-Natal Yoga practice. Also known as the Fourth Trimester, this usually occurs for the 12 weeks post delivery. This is a gentle and thoughtful yoga practice to open you up and begin to bring awareness to the core.

    Props: a yoga block (or book) and a chip foam block (...

  • Rise & Flow (20 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Join Lisa for a quick morning Flow Yoga class. This class will synch movement with breath, have you moving dynamically, and wake the spine. This class could also be done any time of the day to give you a little life. Try to set an intention before you begin - what energy would you like to bring i...

  • Core Burn Pilates (20 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Join Kyra for a quick, core-burning class! This 20-minute workout is Pilates-inspired workout that will focus mainly on the abs, but will hit other areas of the core, too. With such a targeted class, remember to take breaks when you need to! No props are required for this all-levels class.

  • Morning Tone Meditation (16 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Set the tone for the rest of your day with this morning meditation. Hillary uses sound bowls to shift the energy of the space around her and shares a positive and powerful meditation in today's class.

  • Abs & Glutes Pilates Burner (20 min) - with Kyra Morrison

    Get ready to feel the burn! This quick Pilates fusion class with light up your core and your glutes. Kyra will take you through 20 minutes of toning & sculpting movements that can be done with no equipment. This is an all-levels class that can be done anywhere, anytime.

  • Prenatal Yoga (20 min) - with Carine Young

    Welcome to 20 minutes of Prenatal Yoga. This class is developed for the second trimester of pregnancy. This is a gentle class of movement that includes the use of two blocks (or books) and a chipfoam block (or pillow).

    Always check in with your physician before introducing any new physical acti...

  • Centered & Strong: On Your Back (14 min) - with Alia Mai

    Join Alia for a quick tone! This is a 10-15 minute wake-up Flow on your back! This entire class can be done on your back. This quick practice will strengthen your core and midline.
    No props required but please have a block (or pillow/book) close by if you need it.

  • Pilates Posture (20 min) - with Chrissy Chequer

    Join Chrissy for the educational class on improving posture. This class will look into "adaptive shortening" which is when a muscle is held in a position for a long time and then grows into that position. Chrissy will take us through three different areas of the body where "adaptive shortening" c...

  • Soothing Evening Yoga (20 min) - with Veronika Lelyavko

    Join Veronika for this short and sweet flow practice. Give yourself 20 minutes to move your body and wind down your mind. This is the perfect practice for when you need to stretch your body in the evening and feel all the feels.

    Playlist: https://bit.ly/20minsPMyoga

  • Exercise Ball Express Workout (16 min) - with Alison Lloyd-Nijjar

    Build your strength with this quick, full-body, ab-focused, pilates-inspired stability ball workout with Alison Lloyd. Beginner and at-home friendly! This quick 16 minute exercise ball routine will help you build strength throughout your entire body, but especially your core / abs.

    Let's get sta...

  • Relax & Restore (20 min) - with Alia Mai

    Welcome to Alia Mai's relax & restore class. This short class aims to help you destress, release tension, and unwind. It is a gentle practice that can be done at any time of the day when you are needing some very gentle movement and calming breaths.
    Props: 2 blocks (or books/pillows) and a cozy ...

  • Pilates Core Burner (18 min) - with Krystina Simes

    Join Krystina for a Pilates Core class! Krystina is using a resistance band for this class to level up the practice. If you have one, feel free to use it! This prop is not required for class though, and you can do this class completely prop-free if you wish.
    This is a core-conditioning class tha...

  • Core Sculpt (16 min) - with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Join Naomi for a quick Core Sculpting Workout! This is a 16-minute workout targeting your whole core - your abdominals, obliques, and back. No props are required for this class, so settle in on your mat and get ready to strengthen your core!

  • Wall Inversion Prep: Head Stand (15 min) - with Vanessa Bourget

    This is a 15-minute prep class! If you are following the three-step class that Vanessa released with YYOGA at Home, this is Step 1.
    Today, we will be practicing headstands at the wall. You will need a blank wall and some space around it, a mat, and potentially a block or a few pillows.
    To help w...

  • Live Replay: Quick Pilates From Home (15 min) - with Heather Obre

    Meet Heather: YYOGA at Home pilates, core and pre and post natal teacher.

    With a childhood background in dance, Heather loves to weave postures together creatively with a variance of pace and individual expression. Yoga found Heather nearly 15 years ago; since then she's added Pilates and Power ...

  • Wellbeing Hatha Yoga for Working from Home (20 mins) — with Rachel Scott

    Leave your work from home office behind and join Rachel on the mat. The relaxing aspects of this yoga class help the mind and body relax.

    Rachel starts this class in a seated position with some chest opening movements that incorporate your breath. Hip flossing, planks, and Pigeon Pose are just s...

  • YExpress 360 Core (25 min) — with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    The key to a great core workout is to touch on all the major core muscles while focusing on great form! Naomi makes sure to do all of that and more.

    This circuit style class has 9 different movements which will each last 45 seconds and you'll have 15 seconds of rest in between. You'll complete t...

  • YExpress Legs & Booty (20 min) — with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    This at-home legs and booty workout will get you in shape and help build essential strength to live a healthy and active life.

    Today's circuit has a series of exercises that will each last 60 seconds and you'll have 20 seconds of rest in between. This is a no repeats workout, so once you're done...

  • YExpress Cardio (20 min) — with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    This quick workout with Naomi will have you pushing through strength and cardio combination moves. These exercises will help to maximize your routine in a short amount of time.

    This circuit has 9 exercises which will each last 30 seconds and you'll have 10 seconds of active rest in between. You'...

  • YExpress Upper Body (20 min) — with Naomi Joy Gallagher

    Naomi's designed a quick upper body class for you that will get the job done fast. In 20 minutes, you'll use a highly effective circuit to target and strengthen your arms, back, and shoulders.

    Today's circuit has 8 exercises which will each last 50 seconds and you'll have 10 seconds of rest in ...

  • YSculpt: Shoulders (20 min) – with Clem Duranseaud

    Using a workout to focus on your shoulders not only helps to strengthen the muscles but can also do wonders for your posture! Join Clem in this 20-minute sequence to help strengthen and tone!

    Clem always starts with a warm-up so don't worry if this is your first workout of the day. Using a seque...

  • YSculpt: Chest and Triceps (20 min) - with Clem Duranseaud

    Spice up your upper body workout with this 20-minute class!
    Expect to work your chest and triceps through a variety of different movements.

    Clem takes you through a quick warm-up before getting you into the work.
    You'll be lead through several movements with active rest in between, making thi...