Pre-set journeys and challenges! Whether you're looking for 7 Days of Meditation, 30 Days of Movement or a path to reconnect to you're body, we've got you covered!

  • 5 Days Of Fire: Express Workout Challenge

    6 videos

    Try this quick and intense 5 day workout challenge! These classes include HIIT workouts, Strength and Endurance workouts, and Cardio Workouts. You can expect to get your heart rate up, sweat and feel the burn in these quick classes. Just as the name suggests, these classes are intense! They don't...

  • 7 Days of Core (Beginner/Intermediate Friendly)

    8 videos

    Commit to your core! This short, targeted challenge contains a daily class to strengthen your core. Your core includes more than just your abs. It includes your abdominals, obliques, back, and glutes. Try doing this program for one week and feel a stronger core to help with your yoga practice, ru...

  • 12 Days of Pilates (All Levels)

    12 videos

    Challenge yourself with 12 days of Pilates! Pilates classes have core-strengthening, toning, and sculpting movements. This challenge includes Pilates Fusion, standing Pilates, and classic mat Pilates classes. This is a low-impact style of movement that focuses on alignment as well as small, repet...

  • 21 Days of Yoga (All Levels)

    22 videos

    Welcome to your 21-day Yoga challenge! This is an all-levels challenge. 21 days of Yoga is about so much more than movement. This isn't a fitness challenge, this is an opportunity for you to commit to three weeks of carving out time in the day just for you. This is time to go inward, be present, ...

  • Daily Motivation Meditations

    5 videos

    A series of daily motivations, guided meditations and sound bowls to help you ground your energy and bring positivity to your day.

  • New & Expecting Mothers

    15 videos

    This is a wonderful collection of convenient and quick practices with our best pre and post-natal teachers. Prenatal Yoga can help moms prepare for labour and motherhood by building stamina, strength, and confidence through gentle movement and focused breathwork. Our Postnatal classes are designe...

  • Mindfulness Collection | from Babylon by TELUS Health

    10 videos

    We’ve partnered with Babylon by TELUS Health, who believes in access to healthcare for everyone, to bring you more ways to introduce mindfulness into your day including this co-created collection of classes and meditations NEW to YYOGA at Home!

    This Babylon by TELUS Health collection includes 10...